Summer Activities

The Adventure Group Whistler represents the best activities and things to do in Whistler, British Columbia. They deliver high-quality experiences that are fun, safe and convenient for guests year-round.

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Two persons ziplining at Superfly Ziplines, Adara Hotel

Superfly Ziplines

Ziplining combines the exhilarating feeling of soaring through the air with the breathtaking beauty of Cougar Mountain. Our unique system allows two guests to ride side-by-side, each on their own cable during this incredibly scenic experience. The excursion includes multiple dual zip lines connected to each other by a network of trails and boardwalks. A must-do in Whistler!

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Lumina experience in Vallea Lumina near Adara Hotel

Vallea Lumina

Moment Factory, a global leader in video, lighting, sound and special effects will bring Whistler’s forests to life with a brand new Lumina experience, heightening the natural landscape with multimedia to create a world filled with adventure and enchantment. Vallea Lumina is a pathway through an old-growth forest that will take visitors of all ages on a magical night walk in pursuit of hidden wonders, telling a story that unfolds in chapters along the way.

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Group of people doing whitewater rafting near Adara Hotel

Whitewater Rafting

Wedge Rafting has been operating for over two decades with an unwavering respect for our rivers. It’s why we provide our guests with world-class guides and unforgettable experiences. It’s made sharing our rivers with thousands of people outrageously safe and fun. We’re Whistler’s original rafting operator and we’re proud to have more river experience than anyone else in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

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Cruising along rugged trails in RZRs near Adara Hotel

RZR Tours

What if the journey and the destination became indistinguishable? As you turn off the engine in the emerald gleam of glacier-fed lakes, the cool shade of temperate rainforests, and breathtaking mountain vistas that dot the Whistler backcountry, it will feel like you’ve arrived. But, fire up the engine on your RZR and cruise along the rugged trails in exhilarating comfort, and you may not want to stop. Our exclusive RZR Tours weave unforgettable natural destinations and the pleasure of off-roading into one seamless journey, where the scenery at each stop rivals the power of the impressive vehicles. Venture side-by-side as the destination and the journey become one.

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Girl crossing rope beam at Aerial Obstacle Course, Adara Hotel

Aerial Obstacle Course

Challenge yourself and interact with Whistler’s backcountry. The Aerial Obstacle Full Course includes 70 different features from rope swings to balance beams that reach heights of up to 60 feet above the forest floor. Rise to the challenge and experience the canopy from an elevated perspective. Kids and beginner courses availblae. 

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