Avoid those sad puppy dog eyes as you go to leave for vacation by simply bringing your four-legged friend with you. Traveling with your pet has many benefits including saving on pet sitter expenses and sharing your experience with your best friend. However, traveling with your dog requires planning, responsibility, and pet-friendly etiquette. Here are some tips for easy and stress-free pet-friendly travel.

Pack for your pet:

By bringing your dogs favourite toys, food dishes, and bed, your pet will be able to adjust at a faster rate to their new surroundings. Additionally, it is always good to bring a supply of food to last the length of your stay. Many pets do to not adjust to dietary changes and it can be challenging to find similar brands locally.

Know the Hotel Rules:

When you are checking in with your pet, get clear direction from hotel staff what the rules are for your pet. Ask where it is appropriate to walk your pet and where your pet is not permitted. Be clear on pet fees and whether they are refundable or not. At the Adara, we require that your pet is leashed in public areas and do not permit animals on the pool deck.

Do not leave your pet alone in the room:

If your dog is unpredictable, barks a lot and/or has separation anxiety, this especially applies to you. Even the best behaved pets can bark and become destructive when in a new environment. Knowing the pet policy can prevent any undesirable and suprising outcomes.

Give your pet time to settle

Staying somewhere new can be stressful for some pets, especially if they are not used to traveling. So taking that time to make sure they are settled is important and can ensure that everyone enjoys the rest of their stay.

Hire a dog-walker

You don’t have to build your vacation around having your pet come with you. Hire a dog-walker, such as Alpine Dogs, and rest assured that while you’re skiing, at the spa, or in the bike park, Bowser is having just as much fun.

Ask the front desk for activity ideas:

Whistler is home to both people and pet-friendly activities. This means you can get out and explore alongside your four-legged friend. There are hikes, the village stroll and even bike trails that are all dog appropriate.

Here at the Adara, we adore having pets come to stay with us. We love dogs so much that a portion of the “Dog Friendly” fee is donated to the BC SPCA. In fact, it’s all part of the personalized experience that you can find at our boutique hotel. So next time your vacation plans are haulted because of you pet, just bring them along to the Adara Hotel.

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