Weekends are great and all but what if you didn’t have to share your downtime with everyone else? Indulging in in a midweek adventure is the perfect way to ditch the masses. With more people working freelance or flexible hours, holidays during the week are becoming more popular; especially for those who value the intimacy of a quieter trip. Perks also include discounted room rates, not having to fight crowds and better deals at restaurants and activities. Here’s more on why you should end living for the weekend and choose spending midweek in Whistler!

No Line-Ups

The excitement and anticipation of going up the hill, whether it be to go mountain biking or skiing, can be overwhelming. And what can be even more overwhelming, is encountering a long line-up when you get there. Avoid line-ups entirely by choosing to travel midweek. By staying away from the weekend, you can have the mountain to yourself and ensure lap after lap with minimal wait times.

Peace And Quiet

The hustle and bustle of the weekend can be nice but sometimes, you just want to enjoy some peace and quiet. Whistler is quieter altogether without the weekend traffic. Enjoy walking the village stroll or spending time in nature outside of dodging other travelers.

Meet The Locals

Not only do weekdays offer smaller crowds and fewer delays, they enable travelers to have richer experiences, including deeper connections with locals. Stop by a bar or restaurant and take up a conversation, you might end up being privileged to some insider intel on where to go and what to do.

Weekday Events And Deals

Not all the fun events happen on weekends. During the week you can find dining deals at many restaruants, the Whistler Farmer’s Market, concerts, and so much more. The bottom line is that you won’t be at a loss for things to do during midweek in Whistler.

Great Accommodation Rates

Midweek is far less busy than on Saturday and Sunday. As a result, there is unbeatable deals on accommodation. Stay more often and for longer periods when you choose to travel from Monday to Thursday.

We at the Adara have wonderful midweek offers to inspire you to escape from it all and to begin living for everyday, not just the weekends. Relax poolside in our private roof-top oasis, lounge in our quiet lobby, and enjoy  the natural sounds of the mountains, all when you stay at the Whistler’s boutique ski hotel, the Adara.

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