Photo: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

Red, yellow, orange, oh my! A new colour scheme is emerging accompanied by the change of the season. Fall is here which means the mountainsides are glowing with the warm hues associated with autumn. The bright foliage is a welcome addition to any outdoor activity. Even a light stroll becomes a walk in Mother Nature’s gallery. Since Whistler is surrounded by trees succumbing to the autumn leaf phenomenon, spending time here is ideal for enjoying the colours of fall. Here’s where to stop, linger, and look while taking in the spectrum of seasonal colours.

Whistler Olympic Park


Photo: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

The full array of seasonal colors can be enjoyed from a picnic blanket at the Whistler Olympic Park. Grab a specialty coffee and a tasty treat from Purebread before settling in on the cushy grass. Once you’ve made yourself comfortable, lay back and watch the harvest sun peek from behind the colorful dancing leaves of the surrounding trees.

Whistler Village

Walk right outside the Adara Hotel and into the village for a seasonal appreciation that goes hand in hand with food, shopping, and entertainment. The village stroll is lined by patios that offer delicious fair to accompany both people watching and enjoying the many tones of autumn.

Lost Lake Park


Photo: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

Add the crunch of fall leaves to your fall foliage experience by taking a walk or bike ride in Lost Lake Park. With many trail options, there is an abundant number of ways to see every fall colour from yellow all the way to purple. Better yet, make your way to the lake to see the full effect of autumn on the surrounding sandy shores.

Ziptrek Adventure

Take to the skies to see the trees in all their fall glory. While soaring above the treetops, fully appreciate the transition from summer’s green to autumn’s gold. A Ziptrek adventure also includes a tree top walk complete with an education component on the surrounding flora and fauna.

Rainbow Park


Photo: Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova

From Rainbow Park, look across the lake and see the yellow leaves of the surrounding trees mirrored on the surface of the lake. Ducks wade gracefully in the nearby reeds breaking the crisp days’ silence with their quacks.

Whistler glows with more colours than you can imagine as the transition from summer to fall fully takes effect, Enjoy the seasonal hues by taking to the mountains and to the Adara Hotel Whistler, where your experience is just as unique as each falling leaf.

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