Yep that’s right! No tiny plastic containers of milk (plus now milk alternatives), No single use sugars and No tea from a metal stick (if you’ve stayed with us before you know what we’re talking about). Not only are we working on updating the hotel interior but we’ve also been working behind the scenes to make these types of changes that we’re passionate about. In our lobby you can now find bulk local tea, bulk sugar, no more plastic cups (hello new dishwasher for us!) and coffee from a local coffee roaster. You’ll see this transition to the rooms as well in the coming weeks as we try to reduce our amount of waste and single-plastic usage.

Next we’re working on our toiletries and also a small local goods based shop in our lobby. Stay tuned!

We love our beautiful backyard of Whistler and we hope to keep it that way for generations to come.

Read more below about from our local coffee + tea providers.

Namasthé Tea Co. was Founded by experienced Herbalist & Wildcrafter Isabelle Ranger. Teacrafters off the beaten path, respectfully foraging botanicals in the pristine Coast Mountains of BC. Unique tisanes and teas that evoke the origins of mossy woodlands, feral bogs, ancient forest groves & small tea gardens. Hand harvested, shade dried to preserve the precious aromatic oils that offers our signature aroma, taste and peak medicinal potency. Our premium organic teas are infused in ancient Vedic & Indigenous wisdoms.

Counterpart Coffee is a Coffee roastery and cafe locationed in Squamish,B.C. established in 2014.We are dedicated to roasting specialty coffee and have an ever-growing and changing list of offerings. Some coffees and blends we try to offer consistently. Others come and go based on seasons, crops, and availability. We try to share as much information as possible about the farmers who grow and process your coffee.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to see a local brand carried or used in our boutique hotel in Whistler, B.C.

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