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Many of us travel to the mountains to spend time outside but sometimes, Mother Nature can make the weather less than appealing. Rainy days don’t have to be a write-off, there’s a lot of other fun and unique things to do in Whistler when it’s wet. And just remember, if it’s raining in the valley, it’s snowing on top of the mountains! If you aren’t interested in throwing on a rain jacket and braving the showers, here are 8 activities perfect for a rainy day.

Audain Art Museum


Photo: Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova

With both permanent and visiting exhibitions, the Audain Art Museum is the perfect place to spend a rainy day. While taking in the museum’s spectacular architecture, enjoy the works of celebrated artists including Emily Carr, E.J. Hughes, and an extensive collection of 19th and 20th century First Nations masks.

Escape! Whistler

Voted Whistler’s best rainy day activity, Escape! features four separate rooms that participants have to try to solve puzzles in to get out of in the nick of time. This real-life gaming experience is an hour long and great for everyone, even little kids.

Rock Climbing

Drop-in Whistler Core, located right in the heart of the village, for a bouldering or climbing session on their 500 square-foot indoor rock climbing wall. Shoe and harness rentals are available.

Scandinave Spa


Photo: Scandinave Spa/Chad Chomlack

Visiting the Scandinave Spa on a rainy day only adds to the serenity. Feel the soft mist on your face as you relax in one of the warm pools and luxuriate in the cool air after a session in one of the wood burning saunas. What’s more, the sound of the rain falling as you indulge in a massage is sure to lull you into a blissful state.

Visiting a Brewery

Take pleasure in the pitter patter of the rain as you sip on locally made craft beer at one of the many breweries. Coast Mountain, Whistler Brewing, and the Brewhouse are all serving their beers on tap and harbor a fun atmosphere to spend an afternoon enjoying.

Forge Axe Throwing


Photo: Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova

Located in Function Junction, Forged Axe Throwing is Whistler’s only indoor axe throwing venue. Try your hand at this addictive activity and enjoy the friendly competition that is sure to ensue.


Whistler is home to numerous yoga studios found all over town. Relax in a Hatha class or get your blood flowing with some Vinyasa. With teachers hailing from all over the world, you’re going to find a yoga experience quite unlike anywhere else.


Take in the rain as well as satisfy your taste buds from one of Whistler’s many world-class restaurants. There are enough unique places and menu items to enjoy in town to fill up a few days, let alone a rainy afternoon.

Forget your umbrella and don’t feel bad about spending time indoors, there are activities in Whistler perfect for a rainy day. Stay at a prime location, the Adara Hotel, and you won’t even get your feet wet!

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