Why would you choose to stay at a boutique hotel?

The answer is one word: experience.

A boutique hotel isn’t just about a room and a bed, it’s about creating a personalized stay that leaves an impression. You’ll see this in the smaller details and the genuine interactions with the staff. Instead of fitting your vacation into the generic rooms that a large scale hotel offers, a boutique hotel provides unique rooms that can make you feel more at home. What’s more, it’s important to stay in a place that’s right where you need to be which is often more easily accommodated at a smaller scale establishment, like the Adara. Need more on why a boutique hotel is worth the stay? Read on!

Shared Spaces

You shouldn’t have to be confined to your room and outside the hotel. At the Adara, relax in front of the fire place in the lobby and enjoy freshly baked cookies. The small details will have you spending more time than you would have thought here.

“And we’ve got Kate, the canine concierge!” – Hannah, Front Desk Manager

It’s in the little details like coffee, tea and cookies.


At The Adara, mountain experience doesn’t mean rustic. Enjoy contemporary design mixed with simple and elegant comfort.  Wood, stone and other natural materials are used to reflect the beauty of the landscape and bring the outdoors, indoors for your enjoyment.

“More personal.”- Robert, Hotel Manager

Our rooms are designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


Typically, you would want to be right where the action is to make getting to and from your daily activities, easy. The Adara is located centrally in the village next to restaurants, nightlife and shopping for your convenience.

“We’re easy going and in the centre of the village.”- Hassan, Front Desk


With only 41 guests suites available, each room is uniquely decorated and features many of the luxuries you would have at home. The small size allows for more personalized service which you wouldn’t find at large scale hotel.  The dedicated employees are present, engaged, connected to Whistler and committed to helping guests experience the mountains that they too love.

Comfortable beds with custom log headboards.

Since there is a direct connection between where you stay and the quality of your trip, it is important to choose your hotel with that in mind. While corporate hotels might fit your budget, the experience your receive at a boutique hotel will create lasting memories to be enjoyed over and over.


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