You’ve got a busy schedule to adhere to while on vacation: Skiing, zip lining, snowball fights and can’t forget shopping. With so much to do, it’s a wonder there is even a spare moment to eat. Luckily, Whistler is home to some delicious fast food establishments that can help you eat in a hurry. From healthy to unique, we’ve rounded up where you are going to want to stop to refuel on the go. Here are the best fast foods spots in town!


Green Mustache

Not willing to compromise your healthy diet while on vacation? That’s more than okay. In fact, there are a ton of delicious and nutritious noteworthy places to eat at. One of our personal favorites is Green Mustache. Located on Main Street, Green Mustache is locally owned and offers absolutely delicious vegan/organic menu options built around providing the most nutrition possible.

You’ve gotta try: The Kitchari with a slice of vegan carrot cake to finish it off!



While many choose to finish their day off on the hill with a celebratory beer, others eat poutine, making Zog’s  iconic in its own right.  Just steps away from from the Blackcomb gondola, indulge in many varieties of poutine and the infamous Beaver Tails- a decadent deep-fried pastry covered in your choice of toppings.

You’ve gotta try: We’re not boring we swear but there is truly no going wrong with a classic poutine and a Beaver Tail!

Unique Experience

Peaked Pies

The brainchild of a local couple, Peaked Pies serves Australia Meat Pies with a twist. And by ‘with a twist’, we mean topped with mushy peas, mashed potatoes (AKA Peaked!), and filled with all sorts of stuff that will warm you up from the inside out.

You’ve gotta try: The Steak and Mushroom pie ‘peaked’. Don’t leave without sampling the traditional Aussie dessert, a Lamington or one of their cinnamon buns!

Main Street Noodles

There’s a new joint in town and it’s all the rage. Main Street Noodles serves exactly what the name suggests: noodles! What’s even more awesome, is that you can pre-order online or using their app. Talk about efficiency!

You’ve gotta try: If you like spicy, give the Main Street Signature Noodle Bowl a try. It’s filled with black bean sauce, udon noodles, and fresh veggies. 

Making the most out of your time in Whistler can include sampling the local cuisine, even if you are in a hurry! But if you’re really strapped for time, grab one of our fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or crispy apples located in the lobby on your way out the door. We’ll see you on the hill!

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