A good Caesar is a thing of beauty. The tangy meeting of vodka, Clamato, Tobasco and Worcestershire sauce is witnessed across patios during all seasons. Then there are the creative garnishes that make your stomach growl with an unforeseen voraciousness as you innocently stroll by.  We might even go as far as saying that drinking a Caesar is about as Canadian as watching hockey or stopping at Tim Horton’s. For those of you that have yet to experience this menu staple, your in luck but we do have to warn you. If you want to truly enjoy a Caesar, you will want to have a good one. We’ve made this easy by patio hopping and sampling a plenty. May we present, where to find the best Caesar in Whistler.

DISCLAIMER: We will not be taking responsibility for the Caesar addiction that may ensue as a result of reading the below.


Located in Upper Village right at the bottom of Wizard chair, Merlin’s has a whole section dedicated to Caesar’s! Start off small with the Merlin’s Signature Caesar which is garnished with Black Tusk locally prepared beef jerky. Or just go right to the Caesar of all Caesar’s: The Jester. For $22 you will have a drink and a meal all in one with a garnish of chicken wings, onion rings, cured bacon and Black Tusk beef jerky.

Garibaldi Lift Company

The tasty classic Caesar. When done right, you won’t even need the fancy twists or special garnishes. If this sounds like your forte then the Great Canadian Caesar is for you: Clamato juice spiced ever so gently with Tobasco, Worcestershire sauce and celery salt rim. Served with a dill pickle, green olive, spicy bean and to round it off, bacon.

The Bearfoot Bistro

Home of the Bearfoot Bistro World Oyster Invitational And Bloody Caesar Battle as well as the world’s coldest vodka tasting room, you wouldn’t expect anything ordinary here. Try your Caeser with one of the many exotic vodkas from all around the world!

The Beacon Pub and Eatery

Your eyes will lock onto this Caesar on the Beacon Pub and Eatery’s menu. Surrounded by pretty fillagree and holding on to its own spot in the middle of the page, this Caesar is a masterpiece. The Out and About Caesar combines vodka, house made Caesar blend, served in a glass boot, rimmed with garlic salt and lemon pepper. Garnished with Two Rivers honey garlic jerkey, celery, pepperocini, pickles, and olives. All we can say is yum.

Now that you know where to find them, go forth and experience this Canadian drink. Skiing? What’s that? Patio hopping and Caeser sipping may be your new Whistler activity! Make a weekend out of it with a stay at The Adara, a boutique ski hotel where every day is a Saturday.

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