Did you know Whistler received it’s first snowfall of the season a week ago, September 18th to be exact! Even though it was a light dusting and at higher altitudes, it was enough to start the winter stoke fire. All at once, it seemed like dreaming of mountain bikes was traded in for skis, hero dirt for powder and sunny days for cloudy ones. But how do you keep the stoke running high through the rest of the fall? We swear it’s not as hard as you may think. Here is how to get stoked for winter before it arrives!

Hit The Gym

Get a playlist going of all your favourite ski movie songs and get your butt to the gym. Imagine you are carving through waist deep powder as you train for the upcoming season. Your body will thank you on opening day by allowing for continuous laps and maybe even more the following day.

Go To A Movie Premier

In anticipation of the upcoming season, the year’s ski and snowboard movies premier all over Whistler in the later part of September and early October. As you watch the top athletes in their respective sports sail through the air and drop massive cliffs, you’re sure to get fired up to shred! Here are the upcoming movies premiering in Whistler:

NUMINOUS: Whistler Premiere Sept 30, Maury Young Arts Centre

MAGNETIC: Whistler Premiere October 7, Whistler Conference Centre

BEARINGS: World Premiere September 29, Rainbow Theatre

Visit The Turkey Sale

Drooling over new gear at the annual Turkey Sale and even picking up a few things yourself is a great way to get amped for snow season. The sale is huge so either go to have a look or go to shop. Find out more Turkey Sale tips here!

Watch The Weather

Check the weather report. Every. Single. Day. Now, this may border on obsessive but we can guarantee that your stoke meter will be high as you watch the temperatures drop, the snow fall and the snow line get lower. Relish in the days getting shorter because it only means one thing: WINTER IS COMING!

Buy A Pass

Lock down your seasons pass or Epic Pass. Once you have this in the bag, you can safely dream about opening day and all the powder your definitely going to get.

Book Your Opening Day Accommodation

Opening Day is the start of it all and you should be here for it. The stoke level is so high, it’s off the charts and being part of the start of the ski season magic will set the tone for the rest of the winter.

Getting stoked for winter before it arrives is easy and there is no better time to start fueling that fire than when the leaves start to fall. We hope these tips will get your pumped and ready to shred during the 2017/2018 ski season!


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