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5 Summer Alpine Adventures

Whistler features two massive mountains. When you stand at the bottom, it's hard to imagine what it would look like once your on top. Well, on top in the alpine playground is precisely where you want to be and where some of the most exciting adventures take place....

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June In Whistler

Photo: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane As we move into June, the transition from spring to summer is nearly complete. The trees are bursting with colour, the lakes are warm and the sun is generally shining. What's more, this exciting time of year is filled with lots of...

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The Many Lakes Of Whistler

When you visit Whistler, you should make a point of venturing out of the village and experiencing the mountain splendour. On your way, you may come across one (or four!) of Whistler's spectacular lakes. These  local watering holes feature all kinds of activities and...

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5 Things to Do in Whistler This May

Spring is now in full swing and although May is considered the shoulder season in Whistler, there is still plenty of stuff to do! The month of May makes way for a plethora of activities to choose from and is the only month you can ski, snowboard and downhill mountain...

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7 Wonders Of Whistler

Whistler is not short of wonder. Amazing scenic landscapes, an adorable village, and endless forests are only a small piece into the awe-inspiring sights that will fill your eyes. When in Whistler, you are in the surrounded by remarkable creations, both natural and...

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Myths About Skiing in Whistler

Let's face it. Ski holidays have a reputation and not all of it is good- Cost, lack of kid-friendly choices and required skill level can all contribute to resistance when booking a holiday to go skiing in the mountains. The truth is that many of these myths are just...

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