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To most, Whistler is known for its incomparable terrain and abundance of action sports. But just underneath the surface lies a vibrant and inspiring art scene. There are many local artists that choose to call Whistler home and find a great deal of their inspiration in the surrounding mountains. If you haven’t heard these names before, chances are you will be familiar with them by the time you leave town. Here are 5 Whistler artists you need to know and perhaps own a piece of their talented artwork.

Kate Zessel

Eat, sleep, ski, create, repeat! When Kate isn’t working on a detailed illustration, she can be found in the mountains on some sort of adventure. An avid backcountry skier and explorer, she feeds off of being in nature and finds inspiration in the west coast style of living, which is all clearly evident in her work.

Baz One

Baz Carolan or BAZ ONE hails from Ireland and his work is heavily influenced by the graffiti there. His pieces are colorful and unique. Since coming to Whistler, he has displayed his art at State of the Art during WSSF, Art Walk in the fall and at numerous live painting sessions. Want to learn more about Baz and glimpse into his work? Watch the video below.

Chili Thom

Sadly, Chili Thom passed away in November 2016. He was a beloved local and his legacy has lived on through the community and his artwork. When you see one of Chili’s pieces, you will easily be able to identify the wonder that they incarnate. Many feature notable areas within the Whistler area but of course, with his signature interpretation.

Andrea Mueller

Andrea is an award-winning artist that calls Whistler home. Her contemporary pieces can be found all over Canada and are recognizable by their bold colors and brush strokes. What’s more, Andrea has recently started a natural skin care line that is locally produced!

Vanessa Stark

Vanessa has a huge passion for snowboarding and through her love for the slopes, a need to create emerged. She refers to her style as ‘mountain-style,’ a style heavily inspired by being out in the wild. In her work, you will find everything from colorful, vibrant paintings to black & white illustrations.

To learn more about the Whistler arts scene and to take part in the many events, visit Arts Whistler. If you would like to take the time to experience all the mountains have to offer, come stay a while at Whistler’s boutique ski hotel, The Adara!

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